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Insurance Claims

Claim Forms

To file a claim on your travel insurance plan, please print the plan's PDF claim form below, and submit it to the address indicated on the form. For more information or assistance, please contact us.

To file a claim for a plan purchased on or after November 15, 2019, please contact the Claims Department at 1-877-539-6442 (toll-free), 1-727-450-8795 (direct dial), or by email at as soon as reasonably possible.

To file a claim for a plan purchased PRIOR to November 15, 2019, please contact the Claims Department at 1-844-228-3678 or 1-860-528-7663 (for Collect calls outside of the U.S.) as soon as reasonably possible.

For all claims, be prepared to provide:
  • the benefit provision(s) that are the basis of the claim (i.e. Medical Expense),
  • the name of the company that arranged the Trip (i.e., tour operator, cruise line, or charter operator),
  • the Trip dates and
  • the insured trip cost amount.
A claim form will be completed for you to review and sign along with a list of items you must attach to substantiate the loss. Since each situation is unique, we cannot guarantee any benefit until the entire claim has been reviewed by the claims office.
Claims for plans purchased on or after August 4, 2021 (administered by Administrative Concepts, Inc.):
Claims for plans purchased prior to August 4, 2021 (administered by Health Special Risk, Inc.): If you have the Voyager Gold plan and need to make a Trip Interruption claim for a plan purchased prior to August 4, 2021, please contact the claims administrator for the proper claim form:
Health Special Risk, Inc.
Toll-Free: 866-345-0975
Other Plans
If you are enrolled in another plan, please refer to your Confirmation of Insurance or your Summary of Coverages.

Information Required for Medical Claims Processing
In general, the following information will be required when filing a medical claim. Gather your information and have everything ready to ensure the process is as smooth and fast as possible.
  • Who is involved (patient information)
  • What was performed (procedure codes)
  • Where it was performed (provider/facility information)
  • When it was performed (date of service)
  • Why it was performed (diagnosis--or dx--codes)


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