Long-Stay Travel Insurance

Long-Stay Travel Insurance

Travel medical insurance for a long international stay

Are you planning to travel abroad for a long period of time? Visiting relatives? Working abroad? Be sure to plan ahead with long-stay travel insurance. Health care outside your home country can be very expensive — without proper insurance, a long-planned trip or stay abroad can turn into an extremely costly and frustrating experience.

It costs travelers thousands of dollars each year because they do not realize that their current health care plan provides little or no coverage for medical expenses outside their home country, even for visits to nearby countries.

For example, U.S. Medicare does not cover anyone traveling outside the U.S. Also, visitors to the U.S. are often shocked at the cost of U.S. medical care, and a family's savings can quickly be exhausted when a visitor experiences an unexpected illness or injury.

WorldMed Insurance® will provide you with long-stay travel medical insurance coverage for up to 12 months. It provides insurance for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, plus multilingual emergency assistance services to help coordinate your emergency medical care and to keep in touch with your family back home.

Organized groups can choose from our wide range of group plans.

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