Real Customer Stories

For nearly 50 years, Travel Insurance Services has been helping travelers find the insurance they need. Read what our customers have to say.

"My client purchased the Visit USA Healthcare plan for a recent business trip to the U.S. from Taiwan. I’m so glad she purchased it because, while in the U.S., she suffered from acute appendicitis and required emergency surgery. Not only was she well taken care of in the hospital, but Travel Insurance Services made the claims process easy, smooth and understandable through great coordination and constant communication with both my client and myself as her broker. I will confidently continue to recommend Travel Insurance Services to my clients in the future."

– Albert H. from California

"I was really surprised at how affordable the policy was. I was able to get more than basic coverage and even that was not too expensive."

– Pam T. from California

"I was so happy with Travel Insurance Select because when my Egypt trip was cancelled, I was expecting a pro-rata refund, but to my delight received a full refund of premium. I've had multiple coverages with you and will continue to always use you."

– Virginia C. from New Jersey

"I mailed my claim to you in mid-Dec. for reimbursement of funds spent on a trip to Cabo San Lucas sponsored by ILT. We had to cancel because of a serious health problem my husband had – a recurrence of lymphoma in the brain. He was hospitalized on Jan. 26th and passed away on Feb. 1.

I received a check from you just a day or so before he died in the full amount of the requested $3,438.00. I was elated! Not only did I have extra money to put in the bank, but there was no dispute involved. Claim submitted – claim paid – end of story.

I very much appreciate your prompt attention and payment. I have your brochure handy and will most certainly use USI Travel Insurance Services for any future travel."

– Mary Ann P. from Oregon

"We were scheduled for the Egypt-Jordan trip that was supposed to leave the USA on March 4 and purchased our trip insurance through USI Travel Insurance Services... This is the first time that we have had a trip cancelled, so I didn't know what to expect concerning the insurance premium that we had paid.

Needless to say, we were very pleased to learn that the premium would be refunded. Having read the reviews of some other travel insurance companies on the web and learning that it is sometimes difficult to get the companies to pay when a trip has to be cancelled due to illness or death in the family, I think that the premium refund is definitely an indication that USI Travel Insurance Services is a reliable company."

– Edward H. from Texas

"You have provided both of my parents – and me – great relief and peace of mind."

– Lauren G. from New York

"I will most definitely take out insurance for all my future travel with this company as a result of my experience... We are getting older as are our parents so this gives us peace of mind in case the unforseeable happens. If it doesn't, it is money well spent for that peace of mind."

– Diana P. from Massachusetts

"I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know personally, what a relief it was to buy a policy yesterday from [Dale, Customer Service Manager]. He was extraordinarily patient, and I admit to being a bit of an anxious customer. All my questions and concerns were responded to with great courtesy and kindness.

The computer is not my favorite form of communication, so it was all the more special to get a live human.

Having had my own business, I so appreciate a job well done, and I have sung the praises of your superb service to about 10 people today."

– Louise G. from New York