Business Travelers and  Employers

Insurance for Business Travelers and Employers

Why would you need travel insurance for your business trip? Your current health insurance plan or workers compensation plans may not provide the protection and immediate service the business traveler needs.

Since 1973, Travel Insurance Services have been providing plans that employees and employers alike are looking for. With plans available for both domestic and international travel, we provide multiple options for both the individual traveler as well as corporate insurance. Learn more about our different plans below!

Individual Plans:

Suitcase Voyager Annual Insurance
  • Provided by: Atlas Professional.
  • Designed for: U.S residents who travel frequently
    for business or pleasure.
  • Features: combined Medical and Evacuation coverage or stand-alone Medical Evacuation.
  • Sign up once for 364 days of coverage, for any number
    of trips up to 30 days in length each.
Pass InterMedical™ Insurance
  • Designed for: anyone traveling outside the U.S. or his/her home country.
  • Features: low cost Medical and Evacuation coverage.
  • Available for trips lasting five days to up to 364 days in length.
Globe WorldMed™ Insurance
  • Designed for: anyone traveling outside his or her home country.
  • Offers Medical Expense, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and much more.
  • Affordable rates available for trips up to 364 days.

In addition to these plans, we offer additional Specialty Plans for business travelers and employers, including:

VIP High Limit Accident Insurance
  • For businesses desiring to offset the loss of a key employee or principal.
  • For high net worth individuals.
  • An Accidental Death & Dismemberment plan offered weekly, monthly, or annually.
Pass International Medical Plans
  • Including Accident & Sickness Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance.
  • Provides 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance services.
  • Plans can be customized for your group.

Contact Group Sales/Underwriting for an assessment and proposal of our Specialty Plans matched to your specific needs.


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