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Cheap Travel Insurance

Make Sure Cheap Travel Insurance is Really a Good Deal

Consumers can comparison shop for almost anything on the Web—from gourmet foods to hard-to-find collectibles. People often search out the best prices on travel products, including travel insurance. But when it comes to cheap travel insurance, how can a consumer make sure he's getting a good value for the cost?

It’s smart to find a good price for any purchase, but not if it’s the wrong solution for one’s circumstances. Here’s some advice for those looking for cheap travel insurance from our experts at Travel Insurance Services, specialists in travel insurance for over thirty years.

First, think about the reasons you want travel insurance. What travel risks are you concerned about? Then, search to find a product that meets your needs and your budget. After narrowing down your options, read the document that provides the details of the coverage (may titled the Description or Outline of Coverage, or the Certificate of Insurance) to confirm the risks that concern you are covered. You should find the full text of these documents on the Web site.

Consider these travel risks

If you get sick or hurt while overseas, your current health insurance may not cover your medical expenses. This is true for many health insurance policies in the United States, including Medicare. A short-term international medical insurance plan may be a low-cost solution for you.

Medical evacuation costs could affect your savings. Usually a big-ticket item, these costs may not be covered under a typical U.S. health care policy. No one expects to use medical evacuation coverage, but even a car accident or a sudden illness can result in the need for an evacuation. A small investment in an international medical insurance policy that includes medical evacuation coverage can save thousands in out of pocket expenses.

Emergency Assistance Services are also an important part of what you are buying. When you get sick or hurt in another country, these 24/7 services can be invaluable. The multilingual assistance staff will help you find care and communicate with local medical personnel. These services may have medical personnel on staff to monitor your care, and to communicate with your doctor back home. Emergency Assistance Services staff members can also reach your family or a friend back home to let them know about your situation. And using their worldwide resources, they coordinate medical evacuation.

Any travel insurance policy, even a cheap one,
should address your circumstances

Because no two travelers or trips are alike, there are various travel insurance plans. These include international medical insurance like we’ve described, and trip cancellation packages that cover your pre-paid trip cost. Finding the right coverage for your situation is easy—just visit You can review plans and buy travel insurance online