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Why Insure My Tour?

Anything from terrible weather to a family emergency can derail your plans and bring your tour to an end before it even begins.

Protect your travel investment — and enjoy your adventures — with the Tour Protection Plan, and optional CFAR coverage (Cancel For Any Reason).

Plan Benefits

Benefits Limits/Maximums
Trip Cancellation 100% of Trip Cost
Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)
(optional upgrade for additional cost and when conditions are met) Not available to residents of NY.
75% of Trip Cost
Trip Interruption 125% of Trip Cost
Travel Delay (6 hrs.) $1,000/trip ($150/day)
Missed Connection (3 hrs.) $750
Airline Ticket Change Fee $200
Baggage/Personal Effects Loss $1,500 ($250 per item, $500 maximum for valuables)
Baggage Delay (12 hrs.) $500
Emergency (Primary) Medical Expense $150,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation $250,000
Repatriation of Remains $250,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $25,000
Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Included when conditions are met
24-hour Emergency & Concierge Travel Assistance Included

Note: Dollar amounts listed are maximums, and the policy may pay less than this amount, or up to this amount.

The Tour Insurance Protection Plans are underwritten by Starr Indemnity & Liability Company, a Texas domiciled corporation (NAIC COmpany Code: 38318: TX license number: 93542) with its principal place of business at 399 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10022.

This is only a brief description of the coverage(s) available under policy series LT 007 (06/2015). The policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions. Full details of the coverage are contained in the policy. If there are any conflicts or discrepancies between this document and the policy or if any point is not covered in this document, the terms and conditions of the policy shall govern. Starr Indemnity & Liability Company has sole financial responsibility over any claims and/or any other financial obligations owed by the insurer. Starr Indemnity & Liability Company (“Starr Indemnity”), a Texas company, has administrative offices at 399 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10022. Starr Indemnity is currently authorized to transact business in all states and jurisdictions, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. NAIC No. 38318. Please read the policy carefully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When should I purchase travel insurance?

You should purchase as soon as possible to be eligible for the early purchase advantages.

To be eligible for the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver, Bankruptcy/Default and Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) you must insure 100% of the pre-paid, nonrefundable travel arrangements you indicate when enrolling in the Plan (air, land and sea trip costs), you must purchase the insurance within 14 days of your initial deposit/payment, and be medically able to travel on the effective date.

2. How long prior to the departure date can a policy be purchased?

The Policy can be purchased up to 18 months prior to the scheduled trip departure date and at a minimum of 24 hours prior to trip departure.

3. Can I cancel the plan after I purchase it?

The plan can be cancelled for a full refund within 14 days of the plan purchase date, provided you have not departed for your trip and have not filed a claim under this policy. Policy is non-refundable after 14 days of purchase.

4. Can I request a refund after the “Free Look” period has ended?

No; policies for trips cancelled by the insured are NOT eligible for refunds, except if within the free look period. However, if the tour operator or travel supplier cancels the entire trip for all travelers, and no claim has been filed or will be filed, and the insured has elected not to change their policy trip dates, then the policy may be cancelled with a pro-rated refund of premium.

6. How much of my trip cost should I insure?

You should insure ALL pre-paid, non-refundable travel arrangements to ensure you are properly covered for pre-existing conditions, Bankruptcy/Default and Trip Cancellation For Any Reason (if purchased as an optional upgrade and for an additional premium).

You cannot insure arrangements for which you have made no payment (e.g.: frequent-flyer miles, credit vouchers, discount coupons, or certificates).

7. What is the maximum trip cost per person?

The maximum trip cost per traveler is $25,000.

8. Can the trip cost be increased/decreased after purchase?

Yes, by calling the customer service center (1-855-874-0156) your trip costs can be adjusted. Note changes cannot be made within 24 hours of departure. Changes in premium will be adjusted accordingly.

In order to keep your Early Purchase Advantages (Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion Waiver, Trip Cancellation For Any Reason (CFAR) and Bankruptcy/Default coverage), you must also insure any additional pre-paid trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions for any additional trip arrangements that are made within the specified time period listed in the Policy.

9. What is the maximum trip length allowed?

The maximum trip length is 90 days.

10. If a customer purchases a policy and then wants to extend the return date once already on the trip, is this allowed as long as the company is notified prior to the expiration date of the policy?

The policy cannot be extended once the trip has started. Any changes in their return date will need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure date of the trip.

11. What if the client wants to change the dates of their trip (assuming the travel suppliers allow them to do so without penalty)? Is this permitted? Are there any restrictions?

Amending travel dates is permitted by calling the customer service center (1-855-874-0156). Note changes cannot be made if penalties are being enforced. Changes cannot be made within 24 hours of departure.

12. What if I miss the Early Purchase Advantage period for pre-existing conditions waiver, Bankruptcy and Trip Cancellation For Any Reason (CFAR)?

You may still purchase the Plan up to 24 hours ahead of your scheduled departure date; however, coverage will not include the early purchase advantages.

13. Is there a maximum number of travelers that can be listed on the same application?

The maximum number of travelers that can be listed on the same policy is 10.

14. Can friends, family members and/or traveling companions be on the same policy? Do you have to live in the same state to be on the same policy? In the same household?

Friends, family members and/or traveling companions can be insured under the same policy as long as they reside in the same state and have the same travel dates. The policy will be issued to the primary insured listed on the enrollment. For those residing in different states, or have different travel dates, separate plan purchases need to be made.

15. Can a traveler be added/removed after purchase?

We cannot remove a traveler after purchase. In the case of adding a traveler we would require a new policy be issued for that traveler.

16. Do travelers need to be listed on the same policy to be considered traveling companions?

Travel Companion means person(s) booked to accompany you on your covered trip. Travel Companion does not include a group or tour leader unless you are sharing room accommodations with the group or tour leader. The travelers do not need to be listed on the same policy to be considered travel companions. Friends and family members do not need to be listed on the same policy to be considered travel companions.

17. How do we handle traveling companions that are traveling on different dates? Can they go on the same policy?

Separate policies will need to be issued for travelers who do not have the same travel dates.

18. Is the plan available to residents of all states?

Yes, including D.C. and Puerto Rico. Note: plans are not available to residents of US territories and Armed Forces regions.

19. Are there residency or geographic requirements for travelers?

Yes, travelers must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Resident.
· State of residence must be selected. If traveler has two residences, select primary residence where they spend the most time.
· Policies are issued based on state of residence. Travelers residing in different states should have their own policy to ensure they receive proper state specific policy documents.
· Travelers must depart from a U.S. location (city/state) and return to a US location (city/state)
· Policy cannot be purchased once traveler has departed from a US location.

· Policy cannot be extended once traveler has departed (except as provided in policy under Extended Coverage).

20. Is there a minimum distance the policy holder must travel from their home to be eligible for coverage?

Yes, for a trip to be considered a “Covered Trip” and eligible for plan coverage, one of the requirements is that the trip must be a minimum of 100 miles from the policy holder’s home to a destination outside of the policy holder’s city of residence.

21. What if the travelers are visiting multiple countries?

Select country where they will be spending the most time or the first country they are visiting outside the U.S.
· If taking a cruise, select the first port of arrival as destination.
· If traveling within U.S. (i.e. layover) and then internationally on the same trip, select the international destination.

22. Are there any restricted destination countries?

Yes, travel to Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Syria, Israel and Lebanon is restricted.

23. Is political/civil unrest covered?

Civil unrest is an exclusion in the policy, except in the case of Trip Delay.

24. Are pre-existing conditions excluded from coverage?

Yes. Pre-existing conditions mean any accidental injury, sickness or condition of you, your traveling companion or your family member booked to travel with you which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within the 60 day period ending on the effective date. Sickness or conditions are not considered pre-existing if the sickness or condition for which prescribed drugs or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription throughout the entire 60 day period ending on the effective date and no medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment has otherwise been received. (Check specific state disclosure in the policy as this definition may vary where required by law.)

25. Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition? Is the waiver needed? Are complications of pregnancy covered? If so, what constitutes a complication?

Yes, pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. Pregnancy and childbirth is excluded except for complications of pregnancy, if hospitalized.

26. Do you offer a pre-existing conditions waiver?

The Pre-Existing Conditions exclusion is waived if (a) you enroll in this Policy at the time you pay the deposit required for your trip (or within fourteen (14) days of the initial deposit); (b) the booking for the covered trip must be the first and only booking for this travel period and destination; and (c) you are not disabled in a way that prevents you from traveling at the time you pay the premium.

You must also insure, within 14 days, any additional pre-paid trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions for any additional trip arrangements that are made.

27. Does the emergency medical benefit continue once the insured returns home, or does it expire on the return date?

Emergency Medical Expenses are only covered while you are on your trip and must be a result of an accidental injury or emergency sickness that first manifested itself during the trip.

28. Does the plan provide advance payment to a hospital to secure admission?

The Assistance Company can coordinate payment to a hospital, up to the maximum shown on the Schedule of Benefits, if needed to secure your admission to a hospital during the trip because of accidental injury or emergency sickness.

29. Is age calculated on the date of purchase of the plan or the date of departure?

Age is calculated on the date of purchase of the plan.

32. How is the initial trip payment calculated? Is it considered the day (or the day after) the check is written or the day (or day after) the check is cashed?

The trip deposit date is considered the day the payment is submitted to the travel supplier rather than the date it clears or is cashed. Please note for pre-existing condition waiver, Bankruptcy/Default and Trip Cancellation For Any Reason (CFAR) we begin counting the date of initial deposit as the 1st day towards the time period for eligibility.

In situations where the trip deposit is given to a group leader and the group leader holds all deposits until the minimum number of required passengers is met for the tour, the trip deposit date is the date the group leader gives the deposit to the Tour Operator.

33. Are coverages per person or per policy?

All coverages are per person, per trip.

34. When are weather or storms considered “foreseen”? For tropical storms/hurricanes/winter storms is it when the storm is forecasted, or when the storm is named?

Once a storm is “Named” it is considered a foreseen event. Policies purchased after the date the storm is named will not be eligible for Trip Cancellation claims related to that storm.

35. When does my coverage become effective?

Subject to payment of any premium due:

(a) For Trip Cancellation & Optional Trip Cancellation For Any Reason (CFAR): Coverage begins at 12:01 A.M. local time, at your location on the day after the required premium for such coverage is received by us or our administrator as shown in the confirmation of benefits. Coverage ends at the point and time of departure on your scheduled departure date.

(b) For Trip Delay: Coverage is in force while en route to the covered trip from your home and also while en route from the covered trip to your home.

(c) For all other coverages: Coverage begins at the later of the time of your departure on the scheduled departure date; or your actual departure for your covered trip.

36. How do I file a claim?

Visit the Claim Forms page under the Resources tab at www.travelinsure.com to access the forms needed for file a claim. Refer to the information and forms under the Trip Care Complete plan name. (This is not the name of your Travel Protection plan, but the claim forms are the same.)

Additional Plans Available

InterMedical Plan

For U.S. and International Residents

Our travel medical plan for those seeking primarily medical and medical evacuation coverage outside their home country (not for travel to the U.S.). Plan does not include Trip Cancellation coverage. Plan cannot be purchased more than 6 months in advance of initial trip deposit.

AirMed Plan

For U.S. Residents

Short-term medical evacuation coverage for those looking for a flexible and specialized air medical transport option. May be selected in addition to one of our comprehensive or travel medical travel insurance plans.

Voyager Plan

For U.S. Residents

Designed for frequent travelers, the Voyager plan offers coverage for a full year any time the policy holder is more than 100 miles from home. The primary focus is on medical expense, medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Trip Cancellation coverage is not included on this plan.

Travelers from outside the U.S. who would like a Trip Cancellation plan:
Please call USI at 1-855-874-0156 to request a quote and purchase by phone.
Mention that you are traveling with Condor Tours & Travel, account #50025.

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