Producer FAQ

Please contact Diane Chen so that she can add your email to our Agent Confirmation Receipt database. After your email is added, you will receive the Confirmation Receipt at the same time your client does once he/she has submitted their applications through your online link.
Commission, including production statements, shall be mailed by the Company on the fifteenth of the month following production. Please note that if the Company received the application by the end of the month and processed it at the beginning of the following month, the commission shall be mailed on the fifteenth of the month after it was processed. For example, if the Company received the application on February 28th and it was processed on March 2nd, the commission should be mailed out on April 15th, instead of March 15th.
Note the date the application was received in your office on the Enrollment Form and mail or fax us the form the same day. You may also email a PDF to Coverage may start that day.
Check our Supply Request Form, where latest version codes are noted. You will find these version codes in the "Official Use Only" box on the printed brochure's Enrollment Form.
If your client is traveling to the U.S. and interrupt their stay in the U.S. to visit a country other than their home country or country of residence, please quote the premium as if all travel were in the United States.

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