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Archives: 06/2007

Visit USA-HealthCare® Plan

Visit USA-HealthCare Plan - the first successful visitor's medical insurance in the U.S. - rewritable with 20% commission to brokers licensed in all 50 States!

Following information illustrates why Visit USA-HealthCare has been popular for decades and is still popular to our clients:

USI Travel Insurance Services is proud to tell you that Visit USA-HealthCare is one of our policies underwritten by an A rated, admitted carrier. Having met the standards of state regulators, it features coverage more generous than plans sold as non- admitted 'surplus' coverage.

Some of the outstanding features are:

Medical Evacuation/Repatriation of Remains benefits are paid, even if the expense is caused by a pre-existing condition. The insurance company, in concert with its emergency assistance company, arranges the transport and pays the transportation company directly.

There are no per policy maximum limit for Medical expenses: our limits are $50,000 (Plan A) and $100,000 (Plan B) per Incident.

Higher AD&D Limits Available - $50,000 (Plan A) and $100,000 (Plan B) includes 24-hour AD&D coverage with an option to purchase an additional upgrade of $250,000 flight, $100,000 for other risks.

There are no Inside Maximums for individual expenses - covers usual, customary, reasonable medical expenses which can total as much as the plan limit. It is a quality plan that can be truly helpful to your clients in the event of an unexpected emergency when they purchase Visit USA-HealthCare.

There is no age limit - visitors can be as young as 14 days old or as old as 80 and above. EASY access to quality services with a nationwide PPO network: Multiplan network

Policyholders can locate a practitioner or facility by looking up online or calling the toll free number 800-672-2140.

Flexible coverage period: Starting from 15 days to up to 1 year, and rewritable. No individual medical underwriting required.

Best of all, AIG ASSIST's 24-hour emergency assistance toll free number 800-626-2427 (not 911) with multilingual translators is available.

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